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Download Swiss Championship result table 2013 here


To download the race summary please select the links below:


21st  April 2013 : 1st  race in “Biesheim, France” Joshua finishes second Biesheim (France)  Download here

20th May 2013 : 2nd  race in “Wohlen, Switzerland” > Joshua Winner

Wohlen (CH)  Download here

23rd June 2013 : 3rd race in “Vesoul, France” > Joshua Winner

Vesoul (F)  Vesoul Allresultsmini 2013 06 23


11th August 2013 : 4th race in “Levier, France” > Joshua Winner

Levier (F) Levier Allresultsmini 2013 08 11


22nd September 2013 : 5th race in “Lignieres, Switzerland” > Joshua Winner

Ligniéres (CH) Lignieres Allresultsmini 2013 09 22


Please click on the image below to view Joshua driving super regular in the 2nd race of the SKM Lignieres race…



Swiss Championship complete result table 2013: JOSHUA SWISS CHAMPION


Joshua Dufek 2013 race table
Vega championship results table 2013:


14th  April 2013 : 1st  race in “Mirecourt, France” > Joshua finishes second


12th May 2013 : 2nd  race in “Levier, France”> Joshua Winner


9th June 2013 : 3rd race in “Vesoul, France”> Joshua finishes second


7th July 2013 : 4th race in “Moirans, France”> Joshua finishes second


8th September 2013 : 5th race in “Levier, France”> Joshua finishes fifth


6th October 2013: 6th race in “Valence, France”> Joshua finishes third



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