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Levier | France | 6 July 2014
Final Race
Race 2
Race 1



After winning both the Swiss Championship and the Vega Trofeo (category Mini) in 2013, 2014 proofed to be rather complicated with a number of mechanical issues.



The last race of the 2014 Swiss Championship summarizes perfectly how the 2014 season in the Super-mini category went:

After finishing 3rd in both Race 1 & Race 2, Josh was fighting for 2nd place in the final when the fuel hose came loose in lap 6 forcing Josh to retire his kart on the track whilst watching the others finishing the race.


Vesoul | France | 6 July 2014

Joshua fastest in Final Race against much older and more experienced drivers:


Biesheim | France | 4 May 2014​

Joshua’s first ever race in higher category (Supermini) finishing 2ndin official training against much older and more experienced drivers:


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